How to Install Renko Candle in your Metatrader

 What is Renko Chart?
A type of chart, developed by the Japanese, that is only concerned with price movement; time and volume are not included. It is thought to be named for the Japanese word for bricks, "renga". A renko chart is constructed by placing a brick in the next column once the price surpasses the top or bottom of the previous brick by a predefined amount. White bricks are used when the direction of the trend is up, while black bricks are used when the trend is down. This type of chart is very effective for traders to identify key support/resistance levels. Transaction signals are generated when the direction of the trend changes and the bricks alternate colors.<>

 Then how to Install Renko Chart in Metatrader?

Follow these steps:
Step 1:
 Click Tools>Options Click

Click Tab Charts and check all boxs, Insert 9999999999999 to field Max bars in history and Max bars in chart.

Click Tab Expert Advisors and make sure to check all options like this picture below.

Then press OK

Step 2:
Attach your Trading System to your MT4 Folder.
Copy file Experts to folder
 C:\Program Files\Your MT4\experts
Copy file indicators to folder
 C:\Program Files\Your MT4\experts\indicators
Copy file template.tpl to Folder :
 C:\Program Files\Your MT4\templates

Step 3:
Open your MT4. Then open chart time frame 1 minute,example: EUR/USD TF 1M.Zoom out to smallest chart then press HOME key on keyboard several times.We do this step to get history data minimum 1 to 2 month ago.

Step 4:
Click view,navigator

Now drag-drop RenkoLiveChart_v3.2 EA to chart TF 1M.

Choose your Renko Box size,e.g:10
Click OK and actived Expert Advisors such as this picture below:

Step 5:
Click File>Open Offline


Select Time Frame M2 in the list and then Click Open.

Now Renko chart is displayed in the chart M2 (offline). Keep in mind that in order to M2 Chart (offline) always update data from EA.Don't close M1 chart where Renko Ea attached
Here is an example of  Renko Chart without Template :


Step 6:
Attach your Template to the Chart

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